We help clean-tech entrepreneurs launch companies, create jobs, and provide their communities with cleaner energy solutions.

CIC Morocco provides financing, information, consulting / training and networking.


The Climate Technology Program (CTP) is housed at infoDev

a global technology and entrepreneurship program in the World Bank Group.


About MCIC

The Morocco Climate Innovation Center (MCIC) was launched in 2014 by Masen with the support of the World Bank/infoDev’s Climate Technology Program (CTP). The MCIC is part of a global network of Climate Innovation Centers and represents the first clean-tech hub in the region.

The MCIC will support clean-tech entrepreneurs from Morocco and the MENA region in the design, development and launch of their clean-tech projects.

The center offers a wide range of services dedicated to clean technologies and specifically developed for researchers, entrepreneurs, and local small and medium size enterprises:

  • The Green Business Incubator supports entrepreneurs through mentoring and coaching on both technical and business matters. The goal is to turn ideas into new companies or scale up existing business models.
  • The Green Business Network is the first social network dedicated to clean technologies. The membership provides access to a network of over 160 Moroccan green businesses.
  • The Green Business Booster is a business accelerator that provides grants to researchers and entrepreneurs who want to pilot clean-tech projects.

The Green Business Advisory provides advisory services and training to clean-tech entrepreneurs to enhance their competitiveness in local and international markets.

Through its suite of services, networking activities, and financing mechanisms, the Morocco CIC and its network of partners will provide a regionally driven approach to solving climate-related challenges and supporting economic development through job creation.

The Morocco CIC will use the existing administrative structure of the Cluster Solaire to carry out its mission.


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Business Intelligence

Be one step ahead. The MCIC provides market information and technical information, to help your business anticipate the trends of the green sector.

Green Business Incubator

 Turn your idea into business, with the MCIC’s incubator services: we help you raising capital, we provide coaching and management tools.

Green Business Network

Join a network of more than 160 companies and benefit from a unique and high-value mix of green business’ skills and expertise.

Green Business Booster

Take the Fast Track to Market: the MCIC’s Green Business Booster helps you reach the opportunities that your innovative ideas, products and services deserve.

Green Business Advisory

Get the know-how that your company and staff need to take on the challenges of the market. The MCIC has the training that will meet your requirements.

About the Climate Technology Program

The Climate Technology Program (CTP), housed at infoDev, empowers developing countries to proactively and profitably adapt, develop, and deploy climate-smart technologies and business models. The CTP is creating a global network of Climate Innovation Centers (CICs) that provide a country-driven approach to addressing climate change and fostering green growth. The CICs are designed as locally owned and run institutions that provide a suite of services and venture financing that address the specific needs of local climate technology entrepreneurs.

At the global level, the CTP is providing linkages between CICs by facilitating market entry, access to information, and financing for the private sector, while also offering important tools for policy makers to measure and improve domestic climate innovation activities. Currently, the program is establishing CICs in eight countries: Kenya, the Caribbean, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Morocco, South Africa and Vietnam.

For more information visit www.infoDev.org

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    Call for projects : Green Business Incubator


    In partnership with the MCIC, the Cluster Solaire launches the first call for projects “Green Business Incubator”. This call for projects aims at endowing start-ups with the tools that will help them meet the challenges of a sustainable economic growth To Take part in the project, please click on : "READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE" and upload the application form.

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    Avis de prolongation de l’appel à projets FT2M


    Afin de permettre aux entreprises n’ayant pas eu l’opportunité de répondre à l’appel à projets FT2M, un délai supplémentaire exceptionnel est accordé par le Cluster Solaire pour le dépôt de projets. A ce titre, les candidatures dans le domaine des technologies vertes et notamment les énergies renouvelables, pourront être envoyées au plus tard le 09 mars 2015. Pour plus de détails, merci...

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    Call for projects : Green Business Booster


    In partnership with the MCIC, the Cluster Solaire launches the first call for projects “Fast Track to market”. To Take part in the project, please click on : "READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE" and upload the application form.

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    More than 400 participants were at the Mohammed VI conference center of Skhirat.  This conference gathers actors from both public and private sectors, either moroccan of from the Mena region, in order to discuss «  Cleantech industrial performances ».

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